Year 6 - 2017 - Season 7 - Around the Mediterranean Literally

171231 1 Sailing season 2017 3400nm

Our sixth year had finally brought us into the Mediterranean. We would cruise from Cartagena along the coastline to Valencia before jumping off to the Balearics to sail in company of Dutch friends. From he Balearics a run north to the city of Marseille which proved to be far nicer then the pilot books described. Following the coastline east we enjoyed the Porquerolles Islands before anchoring in what has become our favourite anchorage of France - the small bay and township of Villafranche-sur-mer just a short train ride from Monaco. Jumping off from France we visited Corsica then across to the Isle of Elba, Rome, The Aeolian Islands before landing in Sicily. The wind was blowing strongly from the west so we chose not to fight it and ended up sailing down the Messina Straits spending additional time in the beautiful city of Syracuse before heading to Malta and making the most of diving in Gozo. Paperwork needed stamping so a quick stop in at Bizerte Tunisia before turning North, getting stung in Sardinia and back to familiar cruising grounds of Rome and the Isle of Elba. Jumping back to Corsica we continued our circumnavigation leaving at Bonafacio to Alghero on the north of Sardinia. A long run saw us return to Ibiza then a few nice days sailing brought us home again o Cartagena where Katherine spent her winter of 2017. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain