Year 2 2013 Season 3 - Uk Back to Denmark via the Irish Sea

An amazing season that saw us travel some 2848 nm over four months taking in the countries of England, Ireland, Scotland, The Orkneys, Southern Norway, West Coast of Sweden and Denmark. Throw in the X-Yacht Gold cup in Copenhagen in July and an amazing season. Below are the ports of calls in stages. 

Stage 1: Hamble UK to Dun Laoghaire in Ireland via the Scilly Isles.

Date: 20/5/13 - 8/6/13

Distance: 480nm

Trip Log: 7170

Stage 2: Dun Laoghaire Ireland to Kirkwell Orkneys 

Date: 9/6/13 - 19/6/13

Distance: 525

Trip Log: 7695

Stage 3: Orkneys to Kristiansand Norway 

Date: 27/6/13 - 30/6/13

Distance: 371nm

Trip Log: 8066nm

Stage 4: Kristiansand to Denmark via the Bohuslian

Date: 1/7/13 - 21/3/13

Distance: 582nm

Trip Log: 8648nm

Stage 5: Tuborg Havn Denmark to Oslo

Date: 22/3/13 - 2/8/13

Distance: 265nm

Trip Log: 8913nm

Stage 6: Oslo west to Lyngor Norway than returning south to Floro Sweden 

Date: 3/8/13 - 2/9/13

Distance: 270nm

Trip Log: 9183

Stage 7: Floro Sweden to Ebeltoft Denmark 

Date: 3/9/13 - 19/9/13

Distance: 223nm

Trip Log: 9406nm

The final leg for the season - Ebeltoft to Haderslev going first south to Sonderborg 

Date: 20/9/13 - 23/9/13

Distance: 132nm

Trip Log: 9538nm

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain