060512 - A Detour to Copenhagen

050112 1 White Cliffs of Mon050112 5 Blowing 28knots are we having fun yet050212 4 View from Vor Frelsers Tower of Our Saviours Church050212 20 Katherine Moored alongside Nyhavn050412 1 Roskillde Viking Museum Replica050412 3 Roskillde Viking Museum Replica in progress050412 8 Roskillde Viking Museum Remains050412 14 Helsingor Kronborg Slot commenced building in the 15th century the inner court yard 2050412 17 Helsingor Kronborg Slot

Though we planned to sail to Ystad in Sweden we decided to turn left and head for Copenhagen as the winds just continued to blow against us. Turned out to be a highlight as we spent a great few days playing tourist around Copenhagen and its surrounds including visiting the VIking Museum in Roskilding and Kronborg Slot in Helsingor.

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain