112412 Las Palmas Preparations Complete

111512 4 Las Palmas Gran Canries Marina111512 7 Las Palmas Gran Canries Marina looking towards bay111512 9 Las Palmas Gran Canries Marina Panorama111612 3 Tour Day to Puerto de Mogan111612 4 Tour Day to Puerto de Mogan111812 1 Official Footwear for Team Katherine for the Opening March111812 4 Spectacle of Flags111812 11 The Aussies111812 17 Bruce of Katherine could not come so Joey came instead112012 17 Lunch stop Teror112012 19 Lunch stop Teror112012 21 the lookout at Arucas112012 23 the lookout at Arucas and the cathedral literally in the centre112212 2 Arc safety demonstration Helicopter Rescue112312 8 Demonstrating fish landing technique112412 1 Given up on the arrival of our replacement batten weve used our home made version

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain