043013 The Last of the Caribbean


041813 Back In St Martin - Baie De Grand Case042113 St Marten - Marigot Bay from Fort Louis042113 St Marten - Marigot Bay Fort St Louis commissioned by King Louis XVI in 1767042313 3 Finally have time to look at the new clears042513 6 Marina Cay a quick stop at the Pussers Rum Store042513 14 Sunset Coopers Island042513 10 Sundowners = Pain Killers - at Coopers Island with Berend Nor Kirsten and Tim042613 4The Baths BVI042713 10 Islay in Hawkesnest Bay St Thomas042813 2 Local Lizard Sapphire Bay Marina043013 1 The View from our room at Sapphire Resort043013 13 Katherine going up043013 18 Islay and Katherine next stop Southampton

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain