Six weeks since leaving Katherine - and four countries later.

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It is hard to believe that we left Katherine in the safe hands of the X-Yacht factory five weeks ago on Friday 27th September. Since then we have travelled through three countries and finally made it home to Darwin Australia landing on Monday 21st October. 

It doesn't take that long of course to fly from Copenhagen to Adelaide but we decided to make the most of the journey home having a few ports of call along the way.

Stop One: Amsterdam Netherlands 

Time to catch up with our good friends from the yacht Islay.  

092813 23 Heading out to tour the canals of West Einder near Aalsmeer

Given our short stay we certainly packed a lot in with Berend Kirsten and family. Kirsten toured us through the areas of Naarden and Muiden on our first day before we spent the afternoon on board their sloop touring the canals of West Einder near Aalsmeer in the company of the kids motoring their own vessel alongside - as you do.

Saturday night we dined at Trouw, a restaurant located in what was until recently a newspaper production building and from the outside looked far from an inviting restaurant. It was fairly evident also on arrival that we had turned up to a vegetarian restaurant - however - once past the "feed the man meat" thought process we were treated to a tapas style of food presentation that had us eating dishes we may never had thought of ordering and turned out to be a very unique and pleasant dining experience. 

092913 17 Chefs at work

Sunday it was off to the old town of Amsterdam complete with a few detours that saw us negotiating some very narrow streets that are simply not car friendly. Kirsten had organised a walking tour of the Old Town - it was a fantastic way to get an insight into the history of the area including the red light district and its very friendly window dressed girls. Dinner on Sunday night was at The 17th Floor which provided a great view across Amsterdam and the food was simply delicious. 

We were most impressed with Amsterdam and look forward to returning some time in the future.

Stop 2: London Leistershire Square

100213 Bruce in London

London was our next stop on our way out of Europe and really was a flying trip overnighting just two nights. That was long enough to walk a few streets, pick up some more sailing gear and to get a photo of Bruce out and about.

Stop 3: Cancun Mexico

100713 10 Andrew

It really does defy understanding that we can travel onboard Katherine for 18 months and not get to read a book - outside of navigational guides and manuals. I guess thats why we decided to return to Mexico, we sat on a beach and read three books over the week. We also took the dive - literally - into the ocean. Not something Lee ever thought she would have the confidence to do but with some very encouraging instructors and 2 hours in the hotel pool we found ourselves venturing out for two ocean dives. So inspired are we now that we have ourselves booked in to do the Level 1 Padi Certification prior to leaving Australia in January. 

Stop 4: Adelaide Australia

102113 1 Fellini Restaurant

Back in Australia and prior to heading for Darwin we stopped in Adelaide for a week and caught up with both Chris who was home from Canada and Scott who is currently studying in Adelaide. We are obviously a gypsy family at the moment when to get together we have to fly into a town other than our home town. Our time in Adelaide was also to allow Andrew to get the bolt out of his knee- a souveniour from skiing a few years ago - that he no longer required. 

Stop 5: Darwin 

102713 14 Tropical Down pour

So finally, rested relaxed and warmed up to the Australian climate we arrived home on Monday 14th. It only took one evening of sitting on our verandah with an evening tropical storm blowing though to remind us why we love this place so much. 

Pretty spoilt to have two amazing "homes". Think we will enjoy this one for a little while. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain