260214 - Panama to Galapagos 

We left Balboa Yacht Club on the morning of Wednesday 19th February after refuelling and headed for Les Perlas a group of around 39 islands and 100 islets about 40 nautical miles from Balboa. Our anchorage was at Isla Contadora where we dropped our anchor around three thirty in the afternoon in around 16 meters of water. 

140219 3 Andantes Gennaker

It had been a good days sail come motor with the highlight for Hans being the shaking out of his Gennaker which apparently had not seen the light of day for some time. He had a smile on his face from ear to ear once we had the genaker set and Andante was moving along nicely in 10 knots of breeze and over ground we were achieving 7.8 knots of boat speed. 

140219 15 Last seen at Isle Le Saintes in Guadeloupe Aussie boat Le Mistral (1)

For us the highlight was when Le Mistral with Tolly and Jas arrived into the anchorage late afternoon. We had not seen Tolly and Jas since the end of March in 2013 at Le Saintes Guadeloupe. We had enjoyed their company in what had been a tough time with news of Andrews fathers ill health. SInce leaving them we have followed their journey through to Trinidad, across to Columbia and onto Panama. It was a very short reunion in Las Perlas but great to finally see them again. 

Las Perlas has been made famous apparently for several events including being the place where the Peregrine Pearl belonging first to Phillip II then Elizabeth Taylor was discovered, the island group to which the Shah of Iran retreated to in 1979 and more recently for featuring in three seasons of the US Tv series Survivor. 

140220 5 On watch

With light winds forecast we opted not to stay and explore Las Perlas but to make the most of the possible few days of good wind and put behind us as many miles as possible. So we headed out of Las Perlas on Thursday and spent the next six days sailing the 887 nautical miles to Puerto Villamil on the Isla Isabela. 

140226 13 Just on anchor and look who swam by

We arrived on Wednesday   26th mid                     morning having sailed across the equator 

to be greeted by playful seals, cheeky penguins and feeding pelicans. We were in Galapagos where there are penguins and seals in the water and cactus growing onshore - most confusing. 

The blog for our crossing is on Andantes yellow brick website but just incase  you missed it this is the link you needed to go to  my.yb.tl/Andante .

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain