150314 - Galapagos In Review - Our top Photos and Experiences - if it is at all possible to summarise. 

We decided to put together a collection of photos from our trip that we wanted to share along with a short review of our "tops" in Galapagos as it simply was a tick box experience. 

Click the image to see a few of our favourite bird photos 

140306 20 Isla Isabela Elizabeth Bay

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140307 23 Santiago Island James Bay Lava Lizard

Click the image to see a few of our favourite SeaLion Tortoise and Turtle photos 

140226 21 Sealions

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140307 59 Isla Rabida Snorkelling Green Sea Urchin

Last but not least - if you haven't by now seen enough - Click the image to see Scenery Photos - Just a final few  

140306 64 Leaving Targus Bay Isabela Islands

Top Anchorage 

140301 8 Flying out over Puerto Villamil Andante on anchor

Having visited all three harbours that the cruising permit will allow you to anchor at (as part of our Ecoventura trip) we would say Isla Isabela Puerto Villamil wins hands down. The anchorage is tucked inside a reef and although swell does wrap around the outer anchorages if you can squeeze in far enough the anchorage is still very comfortable. The most positive thing however about the anchorage is the wildlife - you come to Galapagos to see wildlife and once your pick is down it is literally on your doorstep - and if you are not diligent to lift your dinghy at night or put your fenders up to barricade your back platform then in the morning you will definitely have a close encounter with seals and the souvenirs that they leave behind. 

Top Provisioning Place

140308 28 Santa Cruz Harbour

Definitely Santa Cruz - with a population of 20000 it has a real "Supermarket" though don't get too excited and think that you will be getting the services of a Woolworths, Coles or Carrefor. That said for the fact that you are in Galapagos - over a thousand miles from the mainland and with a total population of just on 29000 you really can't complain.

Top Wildlife Experiences - How does one rate that when every day is a WOW.

* Tortoise Breeding Centre in Villamil Isla Isabela - being lucky enough to have arrived on feeding day. Never have we heard such a sound as hundreds of Tortoises munching. 

* Birdlife on Genovesa - to see so many thousands of birds, oblivious to the presence of humans and just happily going about their noisy daily existence.

* Animal life of Fernandina.

* Snorkelling Rabida Island - the clarify of the water and the volume of sea life was the best experience we could have asked for for our final snorkel experience in Galapagos.

* Sitting onboard Andante on anchor and watching the Blue Footed Boobys dive bomb the water, the resident penguin who fought daily by our boat with the Pelican for fish, and the sea life from Manta Rays, Eagle Rays Seals Turtles and fish that wandered by daily. 

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain