Week 8 - XYacht Gold Cup Copenhagen                                  Saturday 13th July to Monday 21st July

072013 2 Amazing shot showing the size of Katherines rig

What a contrast sailing two up to suddenly sailing with 17 people. An amazing week in Copenhagen at Tuborg Havn where we brought together seven Aussies, nine Dutch and one Danish to sail Katherine in the Over 50 foot class of the X-Yacht Gold Cup and the sun shone! The last time the Gold Cup was held in Copenhagen was 2008 which just happened to be the event we raced Xscape our X50 at before shipping her back to Australia. Never would we have at that time anticipated that we would be back five years later on our own X65.

071313 9 Dinner first night together for all of us from Aus

We arrived into Tuborg Havn from Helsingor around lunch time on the Saturday in time to be met by fellow Aussies Pete Sue Deb and Ross from Darwin and Nell and Darb from Brisbane. Not much time was left for socialising as we began taking things of the boat to make her at least a little lighter. The garage was emptied of all the toys - windsurfer kayak tender and about 50 kilograms of guide books along with ski boots and skis all departed to a near by container. 

By the time Sassy Graham and Lou's new XP55 (launched a week ago) pulled into the dock behind us and Black Butterfly (launched April) with Glenda and Jay also from Australia it was team Aussie complete. Never before had X-Yacht had so many Australian boats in an event and we had certainly never been moored in Denmark amongst so many Aussies before. 

071413 8 Sue Lee and Andrew onboard to celebrate friends and a 50th

Sunday saw the first of three major birthday events to occur over the month of July - Lee turned 50 and could not have asked to have been in better company. We had a beautiful meal at the Hellerup Park Hotel restaurant and the family of Islay managed to make it even after a long hard days sail. 

071913 4 Racing

Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th was focused on race preparation and practice, with not all team members being able to make it onboard until race day. Thursday to Saturday were race days involving both long and short courses. The weather had been forecast to be light but what we got was a bit of everything - from 20plus knots to 5 knots. There were six entrants in the over 50 division and our handicap was such that we needed to be way out in front to be successful. We did manage a couple of first across the lines and a second but overall our positioning saw us on handicap come in behind all the XC and XP boats. 

072013 6 What a great team

Despite the result we were so impressed that we had taken 17 people - put them onboard Katherine and over three days we finally worked out how to very successfully race her given the cruising sail plan we have. It was a great team with great team spirit and so fantastic to know that despite things not always going to plan the team just kept moving forward. Perhaps there was a little too much "Team" spirit on presentation night as we continued late or was that early into the next day reflecting on the weeks events. 

The highlight of the week has definitely been meeting some great people along with reminding ourselves of what Katherine is capable of as a performance sailing yacht.

But it is also with a smile on our face that we find ourselves now moving north once more with four guests onboard with a cruising destination Oslo. 

Who knows where we will be next time XYachts holds a Gold Cup In Copenhagen. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain