Week 7 - Onto the Swedish coast Gluppo to Varberg                          Saturday 6th July to Friday 12th July 

Wow what a week of sailing! 

070613 20 Islay coming into Gluppo under sail

From Stavern in Norway we had a champagne sail to Gluppo - a natural harbour on the north west coast of Sweden near the town of Fjallbacka. (Got to love the names) We changed between the Code 0 and Jib throughout the day enjoying flat seas and good speed in light breeze. Oh and sailed in shorts a first! Gluppo was a beautiful anchorage and we discovered quickly that securing to a rock wall includes having a very good stern anchor - ours we now know needs to be a lot larger. We look forward to going back to Gluppo and further exploring when back on our way north with fellow Aussies onboard.

 Sunday saw for us one of the busiest days on the water to date. We took the scenic route from Gluppo for Marstrand. Following Islay and with Ipad, chart plotter and guide books as reference amongst the maze of rocks we zigzagged our way south first to the Sotekanalen. This canal was built in 1930 as an alternative to having to go outside around the peninsula that was considered to be one of Swedens most dangerous waters. With a depth of 4.5m in the centre we were not keen to test the depth at the edges of the canal and were thankful the swing bridge had us in holding only for a few minutes.

070713 5  Sotekanalen lots of traffic

From Sotekenalen there was more weaving to be done and the traffic particulary around Smogen and Guillholmen just got thicker! It was of course a sunny Sunday. We had a fantastic sail with just the jib at times hitting 9 knots – Andrew on the helm and Lee tweaking in accordance with instructions to assist in maneuvering amongst both the channel of rocks and the traffic. Both exhilarating and exhausting the champagne at sunset went down very well. 

071013 1 Islay and Katherine marstrand071113 2 Leaving Marstrand

Arriving into Marstrand with the impressive Charlston Fort overlooking the harbour we had to agree that the last two days have been some of the best come most enjoyable sailing we have had onboard Katherine.

Marstrand is a summer holiday  island that is vehicle free. It reminds us in many ways of Hamilton Island. The morning of our arrival the last of the competitor boats from the previous weeks World Match Racing Cup had just left. We were fortunate with our timing or we simply would not have got a berth.

Charlston Fort is one of the largest forts that I believe we have visited, It is a maze of buildings, tunnels and offers great views of the surrounding archipelago. Some of the stories of the lives of the prisoners who were incarcerated at the Fort to assist in its building quickly made you realize it was not a place to be given the choice. 

Our sail from Marstrand to Varberg provided changing conditions that saw us playing between sails including the A3. Typical though as we approached port the wind built blowing to 22knots as we entered and came alongside on one of the few spaces left. Today we are motoring - until the wind arrives - for Helsingor. 

One more stop and we are in Copenhagen.

It has been an amazing journey to date sailing together up the Irish Sea, crossing the north sea and having a glimpse of both Norway and Swedens west coast. 

Next challenge X-yacht Gold Cup then back to cruising but this time with company. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain