Week 2 - Falmouth to Scilly Isles and up the Irish Sea              Saturday 1st June to Friday 7th 

060313 10 Sunset St Marys Scilly Isles

We were really blessed by the weather gods with light winds holding in allowing us to sail to the Scilly Isles. The Scilly Isles are a small group of islands around 30 miles off the south western tip of England with a total population of around 2200. We were not sure what to expect from this small group of Islands but had been told by many that an opportunity to get there was not to be missed for both the scenery and animal life.

It didn't disappoint. 

060413 1 Off on a ferry to Tresco via a colony of Puffins

We spent our first full day taking a ferry to Tresco (all of about 5miles away) via the outer rocks where we were excited to find more Puffins to gawk at then could be counted - well Lee was  excited as indicated by the number of photos taken so some serious culling had to be undertaken with at least a couple of good photos resulting. Though seals were less in numbers we still encountered a few taking advantage of the sunny day we had. Once on Tresco we walked the island to the Abbey Gardens which began as a private collection back in 1834 on the a site of a 12th century St Nicholas Priory. The collection has apparently continued down through the generations and we were surprised to find local varieties from back home in Darwin. One part of the gardens was dedicated to the figureheads of ships that had come to grief around the Scilly Isles - there were a lot! We were happy not to negotiate the rocky outcrops and instead chose to use the local ferry whilst Katherine was secure in St Marys harbour.

060513 1 Ready to ride Marijn and Nor

For the first time since leaving Las Palmas our pushbikes surfaced from the depths of the garage and on the second day we rode around St Mary, the crew from Islay also got in on the cycling  with Marijn doubling his sister and  acting as our tour guide. With map in hand he managed to guide us around the island taking in some great coastline views, galleries and even finding a great "tea garden" for lunch - cornish pasties of course. 

060613 4 A first were flying an anchor ball

From the Scilly Isles we had a long hard day north to Milford Haven where after fourteen hours we were happy to put down the pick. What makes the long days easier is knowing that you can start at 5am and finish at 10pm and still have enough light to see. Sailing in summer in the north. Just gets lighter every day the further north you go. 

Today we arrived in Dun Loaghaire Marina (have to get a local to tell us how to pronounce it) after almost 250nm in 2 days and you guessed it going north we get a northerly !!!

Listening to the radio as we have come up the coastline has been interesting - we are at times wondering if the local coastguard are really speaking English.

Well we never thought we'd be sailing in Ireland, no wonder we keep getting asked if we are lost - think we will just have to ponder that one over a guiness.

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain