Week 17 - Exiting to the sound of Mama Mia in Sonderborg Denmark           Monday 17th - Sunday 22nd September

anholt091813 11 We have company

Well the wind blew a little longer than expected and as we had no desire to unnecessarily stick our nose out into it we sat in Laeso harbour until Wednesday 18th before making our first run south to the island of Anholt. On the charts Anholt looks amazingly like a robin and thankfully the harbour is placed perfectly in its beak and not any other section of its anatomy. 

091813 7 Beautiful beach of Anholt

We surfed into a very empty Anholt harbour where the shops along the harbour held signs stating from what we could determine in Danish "Back June 2014". Regardless we decided to walk to the "town centre" and could easily see why this is such a popular island in summer, with such beautiful white sand beaches and forest lined roads. For us the only life to be found were some very healthy hares hopping through the forest area, along with a few sheep and the odd local resident on a bicycle. 

091913 16 Andrew taking photos while under sail

Thursday we moved onto Elbeltoft 50 miles south of Anholt and on the Danish mainland. The winds were light so we managed to sail with the main and Code 0 again - to think I thought we had packed it away for the season. Andrew decided it was too good an opportunity with sun shining not to go up to the second spreader and take a few photos as you do. 

091913 27 The Frigate Jylland Museum Ebeltoft

Though we arrived late in the afternoon into Elbeltoft we still had time to visit the Frigate Jylland Museum a ship once used as a warship from 1862 - 1874 before being used as a Royal Yacht for Christian IX from 1874 - 1886. During her service as a royal yacht she sailed to such destinations as St Petersburg, Cadiz, Iceland and throughout The Baltic Sea making our voyage on Katherine look oh so much more comfortable then what it would have been onboard The Jylland. The ship was saved from destruction and put in a dry dock back in 1984 and it was not until 2005 that she was established as a museum. The dedication to raising funds to restoring and maintaining such history is impressive. We walked the cobblestone streets of Elbeltofts old town and all agreed it would be a great to revisit when things are open - a theme that is becoming very common of late. 

092013 6 Night sky Fano

From Elbeltoft we returned to sail through the familiar sailing area of Julesminde, Middlefart to Fano Sound where we anchored up for the evening. Just north of Middlefart is the Bridge between Jutland and Fyn and although we have passed under it three times since launching the fact that the bridge is 33m and our mast is 31m still gives one the jitters as you approach. Fano Sound is a very pretty anchorage and we were lucky to have a very still night making for a very peaceful stay. 

DSC 1963

Saturday though the sun did not shine so brightly we still had light winds and millpond seas. The Code 0 again got a long run as we sailed past the Haderslev Fjord and made our way for Sonderborg. As we were gliding along a light aircraft passed over head and banked around us. We were to find out later that it was Hans from X-Yachts out taking photos of the "Silver Rudder" a prestigious single handed race around the island of Fyn in which a number of X-Yachts were competing. Hans took some photos of Katherine and although the sun was not out she still looked impressive - but then again we could be biased.

092113 13 Sonderborg Bridge 33m092213 5 Sonderborg Town square band playing Mama Mia songs

Coming into Sonderborg we had to come under another 33m bridge - definitely the lowest level of bridges we wish to negotiate as it just simply looks way to close. We have enjoyed wandering the streets of Sonderborg today and it was for Lee a real highlight to stroll through the town centre and find a brass band playing of all things - songs from Mama Mia. How uncanny that we started our journey in Southampton in May after seeing the stage show of Mama Mia in London and here we are some four months and 2700 miles later listening to the songs of Mama Mia in Denmark just prior to the conclusion of our seasons sailing. 

Tomorrow the reality of the season coming to an end is upon us as we plan to sail back to Haderslev and begin preparation for wintering Katherine. 

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