Week 15- Settled into the way of 20 mile days.                          Sunday 1st September to Sunday 8th September.

083113 22 Happy Fisherman

Well as Australia was in the grips of election fever we battled through enjoying the extended sunshine and moving at the most twenty miles south between ports of call. 

After awaiting the return of the mackerel fishermen (world mackerel fishing championship) and seeing the prize catches held proudly in the mackerel buckets it was time to move on from Fjalbacka all of about five miles to the island of Floro - well that was the plan until the anchor  wouldn't hold in the soft mud so we moved around the corner to a better anchorage in Gluppo.  

We had been invited to Floro, by Peter and his wife Renske who live on Floro in the summer and currently relocate to Adelaide for the northern winter. 

090113 5 Arriving Floro with Peter

The five buildings on Floro are now listed with the Swedish Heritage so it was a real privilege to be invited to the island and tour around their home. Floro was first settled in the early1800s before being sold to the Johanson family in 1831, who then established their reputation as being a supplier of good liquor - the current main house was once the inn. The last drop of aquavit was sold and consumed in 1881 when Sweden changed its liquor laws in an effort to control alcohol consumption. Fortunately the grandson was an entrepreneur and had established his own success in shipping, salvaging and later the herring industry. One of the five buildings on the island is the old herring factory complete with the old baskets stored in the rafters - we loved the new sauna that was so discretely hidden behind the old doors. A third building was the Captains House - not sure if it the best term but it was called the Morning Gift - the gift the Captain gave to his bride on their wedding day. The guest cabin is used by Peter and Renskes family when they visit. A fourth building literally floated by - the Captains cabin was the cabin of a tall ship salvaged as it floated by and erected on blocks as an extra cabin for accommodation again back in the 1800's. Captain Johanson unfortunately came to financial grief, as did the next owner who was a Hollywood film producer and used the island for a summer retreat. Peters father brought the property in 1931 and Peter and his wife have taken on maintaining and preserving the island with sincere passion. For more info on Floro go to http://www.fjallbacka.com/floro/English.html

We spent several hours walking over the island, sitting on benches Peters father had arranged to be made back in the 1930s for 10c an hour, inspecting the plants that he and his family had planted and finally being shown the highlight - the croc in the lillypond (see photo page). It was a special visit and we were delighted that they joined us onboard Katherine for dinner on one of the nights we were on anchor in Gluppo. We could write much more about the character of Peter including his stunt driving through rocks that left us speechless but that is just another story.

090313 12 Smogen

From Floro we motored onto Smogen via the scenic route around Malmon. Smogen was truly sleepy - had we been able to wait for the weekend we know we would have seen a different side of Smogen but even so the beauty of the harbour, the quaint fishing houses and the great walks around the rocks made it a special place to visit. 

090613 1 Leaving Lysekil

Next stop Lysekil after trying to sail yet again with the wind on the nose as has become the norm. Lysekil is more of a normal town than a tourist centre which  we found enjoyable to stop at and walk the old town and town centrum. The dominant church that overlooks the harbour is probably one of the most welcoming churches we have walked into in the time of our touring - it had an a very special feel to it - they had obviously achieved what they had written as their goal - break down the barrier and make the community feel welcomed. 

090713 14 Tall Ship Manovering Marstrand

090813 1 Day 2 of trying restaurants on Marstrand

So now we are again in Marstrand. We had deliberately set our timing to be here on the weekend and it proved a successful plan. Marstrand held this weekend its first Restaurant Festival - "Gastronomisk Vandring" where you could wander over two days - between eleven restaurants and have a very long lunch with each restaurant providing a tapas plate and a glass of wine or beer for a small price. We have seen more of Marstrand in the last two days through this event then we have done in our last two visits. We also had time this trip to discover the great walk around the perimeter of the island. 

The weather has continued to be extremely pleasant - sunshine, odd cloud cover and occasional rain. The Swedes are saying it is the best summer on record - we could only cross our fingers and hope for even half of this next year and we would be happy.

So tomorrow we continue the current routine - about twenty miles south - and we will be in Goteborg.

Loving cruising.

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain