Week 14 - We've Made it to Fjallbacka for seasons end.              Monday 26th August to Saturday 31st August

A relative quiet week cruising wise. 

082713 1 Katherine alongside Fredrikstad

After two great days on anchor in Hemskilen we crossed the entrance to the Oslo Fjord and made our way in through the maze of rocks to Fredrickstad. Here the highlight was being greeted by Glenda and Jay from Black Butterfly on our arrival and a short time later meeting Australian Gail Mangset who just happened to also be passing by on her push bike, saw the flag and had to stop to say gidday. Gail and her husband Kjels (Shel) (who ironically are friends of Dave and Dee other aussie x-yacht owners) joined us the following evening for sundowners and though we would have loved to have taken up their offer of lunch the following day at their home we made the decision to move on whilst the weather was being so agreeable and before the trees surrounding our mooring completely covered the boat in pollen. 

082713 4 Old Town wasn't really happening

Fredrikstad was not what we had anticipated - perhaps partly because we could not moor in the town centre as the "opening" bridge was still inoperable but perhaps also as we had been spoilt with so many places of late overflowing with ambiance. The Old town - Gamlebyan - was interesting with its old buildings but being mid week was more like a ghost town and lacked life. Our location however was very convenient to the local ICA and a great bakery so no complaints. 

082813 2 Harbour of Ekenas on Koster Island

Koster Islands on the swedish coast was a great two day stop off. We found a position alongside at Ekenas wharf, dug out the push bikes that haven't seen the light of day for some time and peddled off to every harbour on South Koster (that took all of about 2 hours). Had a lovely meal at Ekenas Hotel huddled under blankets and the gas heater over looking the harbour and skarrgard and even took the ferry to Stromstad so Nell could see where we had stayed on our way through from Copenhagen. 

While at Koster we met another local sailor who is based in Goteburg and who with his wife sails every year August to October - when the holidays are over. They recommended a small harbour just ten miles away with good walking but warned of vipers. Between the weather forecast, the fact the harbour is only 3m deep and that Nell was refusing to go ashore to walk for threat of vipers the decision was made to bypass Kalvo (next year) and continue instead to Fjallbacka and we are very pleased we did.

083013 7 Katherine in Fjallbacka

Fjallbacka is a very pretty town literally beneath a huge rock outcrop called Kungsklyftan. The towns claim to fame outside of its history with fishing is that Ingrid Bergman use to have a summer home on one of the nearby islands and frequent the town centre, particularly the bakery. It is literally the end of the season for the town and a lot of the stores have told us that this weekend is their last weekend of trade before they close for the winter season. That aside the town today is alive and buzzing with excitement as the annual Mackeral fishing contest is on. They all headed out at 3pm on mass so we shall await their return with trophies in hand - hopefully.

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain