Arriving in the United Kingdom 

Before I begin - apologises as this has turned into an epic update…

The journey for Katherine onboard the MV Sampgracht took 19 days a little longer than what was initially expected for the trip from St Thomas to Southampton. We unloaded her on Monday 20th May in the afternoon with the  assistance of John Koerner who just happened to be visiting his family in England. 

050613 21 Chitzen Itza tour sound was amazing

While we have been displaced we have taken the opportunity to get in a little land travelling. First stop was Mexico - though we nearly didn't make it due to customs - thats another story - we did eventually find ourselves comfortably reclined reading a book for a week in glorious sunshine on a white sand beach. Not to become too relaxed we made sure we spent one day playing tourist and headed for Chitzen Itza where our very knowledgeable guide Pedro ensured we had a detailed tour around the grounds. Chitzen Itza dates back to 600 AD and is believed to have been one of the largest Maya Civilisations, the extent of the grounds was far greater than we had expected. 

051313 5 Tulips

From Mexico we farewelled the warmth that we had grown accustomed to in the Caribbean and landed in the brisk air of Gatwick. Both Andrew and I did question the sanity of our decision to return north when the weather was looking so cold and dismal but the first drive around an English village and through farming land quickly revitalised our enthusiasm.


051613 12 Tower Bridge

Over two weeks we visited Andrew cousin in Diss Norfolk, then drove across to Clitheroe to visit more friends before landing ourselves in London for three nights. The Hop On Hop Off Bus proved to be again a great way to get around and see as many of the sites as possible in such a short time. We even managed a stage show at the Novello Theatre. There is still much to see and do in London so no excuse now not to stop over the next time we fly through. 

051913 3 Walk through fields of bluebells

From London we caught the train to Portsmouth just south east of Southampton. Portsmouth was nothing like the image we had in our mind spent from talking to John over the years about Leigh Park where he grew up. Instead of a grey industrial town we found an area overflowing in history from the Old Dockyards complete with Nelsons ship The Victory, picturesque Port Solent. Even Southampton is overflowing with sailing history and amazing old buildings. We've had several days in the company of Johns family, walked fields of bluebells, picked our way through bramble bushes, and had great meals at some beautiful English pubs. 

So now we are back onboard. The sails have been repaired and are now on the deck - its simply blowing and raining too hard to try and put them back up. We've had a fantastic canvas man by the name of Simon from Sail Style who rescued the dodgy job done in St Marten and has now given us a total green house that is already proving its worth in this weather. 

Tomorrow we head out of Hamble and begin our journey west. Sunday we will be joined by the Uebergang family for a few days. We hope also to spend time sailing in the company of  the family of Islay. 

Now if someone could turn on the sun life would be just dandy.

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain