122212 Merry Christmas from St Lucia

121612 6 The Fruit Man straight to the boat

Its hard to believe that we have been in St Lucia for two weeks. Since arriving we have welcomed into Rodney Bay with horns honking and hand clapping many boats right up until a few hours before the ARC presentation evening on Friday 21st.

Over the last two weeks we have hired a car that accommodated six and had unique suspension that ensured whoever drew the shortest straw got the back seat and guaranteed back and neck realignment whilst circumnavigating the island. 

We have eaten in many a restaurant from the very special Rainforest Restaurant in Marigot Bay to the family restaurant where we cleaned out Mums kitchen for lunch. We have sailed south a mere ten miles, had the mainsail repaired, refitted the AIS antenna, the new inverter, assessed the issue with the water maker and await with anticipation the parts. We've walked Pigeon Island and shared many a story with fellow ARC participants. 

121512 13 Santa is coming onboard

We've had the pleasure of Sue and Nell joining us - taken in local markets and had so many vendors marketing their wares by boat that we have the smile and "no thank you not today" down pat. We have our own Santa clinging to the back rails, the christmas tree, snowman and presents wrapped in the saloon - though this having to put them in a bucket and stow them every time we move is different! We look forward to putting the pick down on the 23rd somewhere in The Grenadines in preparation for Christmas Day.  Though we will not have family onboard we have the next best thing - good friends from Australia. Christmas Eve we celebrate Norwegian style with Hans and Liv from Andante before sharing an "Aussie" christmas with them on Christmas Day. Suspect there will be a little competition for the "best crackling"

We wish everyone, wherever you may be, a very special Christmas Day.

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain