032513 Dominica - A Land of Amazing Natural Colour

We arrived into Roseau the Capital of Dominica on Thursday 21st after fickle winds settled into a good 25knot blow as we headed into harbour. We were greeted by an operator from Sea Cats who we had been advised had good moorings so we opted to take up the offer and secured Katherine to a mooring just north of the Anchorage Hotel. The distance from the shoreline to where we were secured was all of two boat lengths yet we were in 25 meters and within another boat length back into 60 meters. 

032113 4 Arrived Dominica Roseau Bay to find cruise ship with Harley Rider

Customs was an easy process - forms filled out by hand using carbon paper and a small fee of 13 EC. The most unusual sight we saw when we first walked the streets of the capital of Roseau was a fleet of Harley Riders led by the local police on bikes heading back down the main street, sirens blazing to board the ship that was in port. Very popular with the locals and the riders looked pretty happy too though I suspect that they didn't go on any of the roads we took when we set forth to tour the island over the next two days. 

032313 22 Pagua Bay on the east coast

A lot of yachts apparently choose to stay in Portsmouth but we opted to base ourselves in Roseau on the southern part of the island. Hiring a car was easy but we have come to the conclusion that Dominica is very much like touring the Spice Islands - local knowledge is invaluable. We set off on both days with a list of items that we thought we would like to see - we ended up seeing lots of great places that weren't on our list as there are very few sign posts, the roads that lead to beaches are generally hidden behind foliage or houses and as we found out you have often passed where you wanted to go before you realise you have arrived and touring around on some of these roads really wasn't an option. 

032313 21 Again confirming this is the main road across the north

So during our five day stay we enjoyed several soaks in the thermal springs dotted over the island, took in some amazing coastal scenery, walked to waterfalls, drove on roads that as lonely planet describes them had potholes big enough to lose small goats in, discovered the beautiful Grand Bay and swam among "bubbles" on Champagne Reef. A highlight for Lee was to see a seahorse whilst snorkelling and as an added bonus to find Iguanas in the foliage behind the beach.  We were constantly amazed by the greenness of the vegetation, the variety of gingers, heliconias and tree ferns that were growing on the side of the road. 

There are so many walking trails across the island where development has been limited to the coastal fringe and small towns are dotted through the thick volcanic vegetation that it would be worth spending several weeks here to truely explore the trails. Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Diving spots dot the west coast of the island and is something we both agree we have to find time to stop and do. 

So as with the islands visited to date still plenty of reasons to come back again in the future. 

Next stop Le Bourg Iles des Saintes - back to speaking French…..

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain