050612 - Moving on from Copenhagen

050212 35 Enjoying the lights of Nyhavn

Night lights of Nyhavn from Katherine

Wednesday 2nd to Sunday 6th May

Hard to believe we have stayed in Nyhavn for five nights. Today we head for Bornholm a ninety mile sail southeast with the wind hopefully not on our nose for the first time. Our stay in Copenhagen was semi successful. The diver managed to fix the stern thruster and identify the same potential fault with the bow thruster and whilst down there give the bottom of Katherine a light wipe. Unfortunately the parts for the water maker did not arrive so we are still without water making capability limiting the amount of freedom we can have from harbours - hopefully the parts will meet us in Bornholm though its starting to look they are going to chase us around the Baltic.

While in Copenhagen we have done lots of walking and seen many sites we also hired a car to play tourist on the public holiday driving out to Roskilde and Helsingor. At Roskilde we spent several hours at the Viking Museum where remains of five ships are on display dug up from the harbour and dating back about a thousand years ago . Amazingly the museum has set about rebuilding viking vessels in a traditional manner using the findings from the vessels, then sailing them to learn more about the ways of the vikings - makes sailing our 65 look like child’s play. Currently one ongoing  experiment is to determine how long it would have taken to weave a traditional cloth - so they are literally weaving and documenting the time. 

Next stop was Helsingor to visit Kronborgs Slot (castle). We had sailed passed this castle in Xscape when leaving from Copenhagen but its size and grandness was definitely understated from the water. The building of the castle commenced in the early 15th century and apparently was the site on the harbour where the future of Denmark was successfully secured in a battle against the Swedish. The castle is also famous as the site on which Shakespeare set his play “Hamlet”. Being a public holiday we found lots of locals out wandering and many more fishing for the Horn Fish that apparently runs at this time of year. 

Next intended port of call Ronne on Bornholm.

Katherine Alongside Nyhavn

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