050212 - A detour to Copenhagen 

050112 5 Blowing 28knots are we having fun yet

Monday 30th April - Tuesday 1st May 

All good plans are made to be changed. Incredibly after the 40 knot blow we awoke to sail out of Marstal for Klintholm in flat seas making for a nice day of motorsailing for the 90 miles. But as is with Denmark the weather the following day was nothing like the day before. Winds were forecast to ease in the afternoon but someone didn’t tell the weather gods that. We left Klintholm with 28knots (why we now wonder) and it didn’t drop below 25 until we were approaching Copenhagen. The initial plan had been to sail to Ystad but with the wind on the nose that wasn’t going to happen easily so we turned left and headed for Copenhagen. We took the opportunity with it being early in the season to stick our nose into Nyhavn and incredibly found space. So last night we sat and enjoyed the views of Nyhavn still feeling a little amazed that we are actually here.

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050112 13 Alongside Nyhavn

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain