041212 - Launch Day and Sail Trials

040612 2 Last day Banff with CHris
040712 1c Arriving back in Denmark Copenhagen to snow
041212 53 Our Aussie Commissioning Crew - Halfie Cam Toby Lee Andrew Wendy and Dene

After ten great days in Canada skiing at Nakiska with Chris, Lake Louise and finally staying in Banff to ski Sunshine it was time to return to the Spring of Copenhagen. What we did not expect was to be greeted by snow when we stepped off the plane. Definitely not what we had bargained for. 

The weather has varied between drizziing rain, sunshine to intense fog. The one common factor of each day has been the temperature - incredibly cold. We are lucky at the moment to hit ten degrees and often are going below zero over night. This accounts for the decision made to have carpet laid inside the boat as a temporary measure until we finally sail on warmer waters - and  we have to say it is so nice to no longer have frozen toes from the flooring. The generator is also getting a fair test as we run the heating most nights and early mornings to warm the boat before we are able to extract ourselves from our bedding.

Since we have returned it has been all go. More containers have disappeared into the galley than one could think possible - well at least Andrew has had trouble believing that that many bags could be consumed by our new home. Toby Munns from Evolution Sails and Cam Percival from Dimension Polyant along with Andrew Parkes of X-Yachts arrived to assist with physically getting the sails onboard and for the sail trials. All of which went incredibly well and everyone is impressed with both the efficiency of the sails and the speed in which they can be furled away. 

We spent Friday and Saturday night out on anchor sailing and testing all systems. Top speed with the jib and main up in a light breeze 10 knots and smiles all round from the boys. The most impressive had to be for me Staysail and main and doing 4 knots in 4 knots of breeze.

One thing we are very happy about but cant believe we are using so much is our ski gear - never would I have thought sailing would include all the gear I wear skiing including the gloves and as one of our guests can verify even the heaters from ski boots work very effectively in wellies. One could question our sanity but we are certain the sun will eventually shine with some warmth and in the meantime it is a beautiful place to be. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain