Week 5 - Diving Mexico

15th March - 21st March

150316 1 Dive Mexico Puerto Morelos Aquarius150316 13 Dive Mexico Puerto Morelos Aquarius

We definitely have a soft spot for diving in Mexico - most likely because we get spoilt by the services of Aquarius Dive Centre in Puerto Morelos. Ceasar and his team take great care of both you and your gear and the dive sites are no more then twenty minutes maximum by boat from the ramp. During the week we managed six dives all relatively shallow with nothing over 15 meters. As we are often the only people with the dive master Andrew gets the chance to focus on his photography which is continuing to provide photos that we are amazed at. In the meantime Lee gets to continue to practice the skills and find her comfort zone in this rather unique world. All around It just makes for a great diving experience all round. 

The first two dive sites Aquarius and Fish Market we had visited previously and as always the fish life was abundant. At Aquarious we had the added bonus of seeing a massive old Loggerhead turtle approaching - he seriously looked like an old dinosaur lumberin forward but unfortunatley just before he got close enough to be photographed he decided to turn and continue on the other way. At fishmarket a not so welcoming oversized Puffer fish peered out form under its rock shelter - we had no intention of disturbing him

150316 5 Dive Mexico Puerto Morelos Aquarius150318 2 Dive Mexico Puerto Morelos The Canyon150316 8 Dive Mexico Puerto Morelos Aquarius

The Canyon and La Bonita were new experiences for us but the highlight was definitely to be our final two dives when we joined Ceasar for a little exploration. The two sites were recommended by a local old fisherman but had yet to be checked out for suitability as a dive site. So off we went. The first site is now named The Anchor after the discovery of a huge mooring anchor under which lived one seriously healthy moray eel. The second site now listed as Explore was a bit like FIsh Market. When you thought there couldnt possibly be anymore colorful fish there they were. It was a great experience to be able to explore a new site, free desend and ascend then drift along waiting for Julio to appear with the boat to retrieve us. 

As we reach our first anniversary of diving - yep April last year we started - we tick off our 35th dive. We have now dived in Tahiti, Mexico, Cuba and Fuerteventura Grand Canary Island

Cant wait to see where we decide to dive next. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain