We have Landed in France 

24th - 28th April 

150424 2 Tide is running150424 7 Alo Alo we are in france150426 1 Walking Cherbourg Napolean 1

Sailing from Guernsey was a relative short 45 mile run particulary given that we were boosted in speed by the tide. The most noticeabe tidal push we recieved was in an area called The Alderney Race where tides can run up to 6 knots. At one stage the tidal push was so strong we were doing 13 knots when the boat speed was actually only 8 and the boats course was literally sideways to where we were in fact heading. Seeing the water boil around you from tidal surge is rather interesting and given the buffering it occasionaly gave us made us thankful we were in a large boat not a small boat - doing a 360 degree spin in these waters was not inconceivable. 


The French port of Cherbourg has as long as history has been documented been noted as an important port. During the second world war (June 1944) it was apparently the first port to be retaken from the Germans and from that time till the end of the war became the main port for war efforts. Much to our surprise we were informed that it was also from Cherbourg that the TItanic took onboard its only passengers outside of Southampton before its ill fated journey. Alongside the harbour is the Art Deco Transatlantic Railway Station that was opened in 1933 and has been reopened as a museum. It was the railway line that linked Paris to Cherbourg harbour from where some ships departed for the “ New World". 

So thats the history side. Not much more for us to report from Cherbourg. The harbour was friendly, well situated to the city and restaurants included La Vauban where we ate a superb meal. We walked a lot of the back streets and wandered the avenues but Cherbourg fitted into the category of a port town, everything you need is available but for us it lacked charisma and we were happy to move on to our next northern port Dieppe. 

150429 1 First glimpse of Dieppe150429 3 Katherine Dieppe


The sail to Dieppe on Tuesday was 113 miles and took us around 13 hours. TIdes were not so obliging, the odd cargo ship had to be manouvered around and the sea state just didnt play fair with the sails. That aside although cold it didnt rain so we were most thankful. 
Arriving in to Diepe we found a Patrol Boat alongside the Pontoon we had been advised to go to. No arguing with such a large metal boat we squeezed onto the Pontoon and are now looking at what looks like a very pretty harbour lined with more restaurants in a row than you could imagine. 

Thinking a glass of sancerre, some moules and frites just might be the go. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain