Aussies, Aussies and more Aussies...

1st July - 7th July 

150701 5 Dinner at Kiel Royal Yacht Hotel150702 1 The Kiel Royal Yacht Hotel


In Kiel we were fortunate to meet again Rod Gibbs an Australian from Sydney who we first met in May in Veerhaven Rotterdam. Rod is the proud owner of Enchante a 34ft Linssen steel displacement yacht launched this year in The Netherlands.  Rod had worked his worked his way north into The Baltic and is planning to spend the remainder of the season touring Danish waters. Enchante motors incognito but thankfully sought out Katherine via our AIS so we could catch up again.

We spent three nights in Kiel at Dusternbrook and dined one evening together with Rod, Darb and Nell at the Kiel Yacht Club Hotel Restaurant. A superb meal, with great company and as we were literally looking at Katherine in the harbour there were no complaints about the view either. The walk to town each day was along the waterfront, a most enjoyable stroll that seemed a lot longer when it came to walking the 3 kilometres back to the boat with our groceries. The week prior to our arrival had been Kiel Sailing Week - a week in which over 2000 sailors converge on the city for all things sailing. Though it would have been great to experience, some things are also best left to next time.

150703 8 Carina and Osker Onboard Katherine


From Kiel we ventured north west to the familiar harbour of Sonwik in Flensburg to catch up with Torsten and Carine. Since last year when we were last together Torsten and Carine have been blessed with the arrival of Oscar, now 4 months old, a very healthy and happy little man.The harbour at Sonwik has courtesy bikes so with our bikes back out of the garage we spent Saturday riding the waterfront to the city centre. Lunch was at a quaint restaurant tucked down one of the many laneways in the city. To continue the eating theme that seems to go so well with Flensburg we ate at Odore del Mare an Italian restaurant literally at the end of our pontoon on Saturday night and were treated to fresh baked bread delivered each morning by the Harbourmaster. Very spoilt. 

150705 7 Arriving Svendborg


Sunday it was time to head to Svendborg in Denmark. So another flag change and we are back in Danish waters. We were last in Svendborg in 2012 just a few weeks after launching Katherine. It is here that we sadly said goodbye to Darb and Nell for this seasons sailing. The shortest time they will have had onboard with us - barely three weeks they now head off on their next leg of touring. But as sad as it is to see them go we are excited to welcome onboard the same day our boys Chris and Scott along with Andrews brother Ian and wife Shan. Six Boller’s onboard - a definite family record.

We are very excited to be sharing Katherine and a little bit of sailing in a country that is so special to us.

Family cruising here we come. 

Now can someone just have a chat to the weather gods for us...

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