Week 17 - Touring from Edingburgh to Berwick Upon Tweed

25th August - 29th August

140824 11 Scotland South Queensbury Port Edgar Marina Katherine

Our first two days in Port Edgar (after recovering some sleep) was spent cleaning the salt farm off the boat. Alas as soon as we had her shining we discovered we had something far worse to combat then all the salt spray of the North Sea - pigeon poop off the adjoining dock. Unfortunately where we were parked was alongside an old Navy dock that was now home to hundreds of pigeons and when the wind blew from the west we wore their debris!

That aside the marina which has recently been taken over by new management and has plans afoot for major improvement was serviced by the friendliest helpful and happy staff. It was a short walk to town and to the provisions required as well as the bus service to Edinburgh.

140826 5 Edinburgh Buskers Scottish Style
140826 20 Edinburgh

140827 1 Peebles140828 10 Berwick Upon Tweed in England Viaduct 1850140827 9 Melrose Dryburgh Abbey 1136

Landing in Edinburgh was a bit of a shock to the system. We were suddenly in tourist central with crowds still thick for the last days of the Edinburgh festival that had carried on from the recent Commonwealth Games in nearby Glasgow, The Edinburgh Military  Tattoo and the Fringe Festival. There were buskers on every corner but with a distinctive Scottish flare - bagpipes of course. For Lee seeing the first traditionally dressed Scott belting out a tune on his bagpipe was all very emotional - another - "Oh my God - we are really here" moment. Andrew of course just smiles.

140828 4 St Abbs Harbour

We spent a day in Edinburgh walking the cobblestone streets of the Old Town and up into the Edinburgh Castle that really does have a towering impression over the city centre. The castle itself is now a world heritage site and home to several military museums including The National War Museum and The Regimental Museum capturing the history of all the regiments of Scottish military since inception. Had to laugh when it was noted that the uniform of the Highlander Soldiers at one stage became so impressive that they were totally impractical - who needs to worry about winning a battle when you can win the ladies abroad with your uniform!

Over the next few days armed with our Lonely Planet Guide we drove all over the southern border town areas of Scotland and the coast road from South Queensferry into the town of Berwick upon Tyne England. 

Berwick upon Tyne was a real surprise - a walled city with a beautiful viaduct bridge. Eyemouth another seaside town with a pretty seaside village left you to wonder how it survived after reading about a storm in 1881 that took the lives of 187 Eyemouth fishermen. The very pretty harbour of St Abbs, though not a harbour we could ever envisage squeezing into with Katherine, was set on a beautiful part of the coastline. 

Inland in Melrose we called into Dryburg Abbey and found a quaint coffee shop that happened to be owned by a gentlemen whose daughter is in Australia and in the wine industry - explaining why he had a cafe with a very large supply of Australian wines none of which were Yellow tail. 

Our final challenge before leaving was to photograph the college that good friend John Koerner had studied at just a few years ago on Leith. Alas though we were not successful we did have a good drive around Leith and got to appreciate the area. 

Scotland is holding a referendum in the next few days to determine if they should separate from the UK. It will be interesting to see the outcome. We found  a definite division between the young and the old, and those who reside close to the border. Will be interesting to watch the outcome. 

With our very short stay in Scotland over - next stop Newcastle upon Tyne. Still sounds Scottish to me. 

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