Week 14 & 15 - Continuing south to Bergen and departing guests 

31st July - 13th August 

Time flies onboard Katherine particularly when your days are filled with the observation of ongoing amazing scenery, buildings, rock outcrops and quaint fishing villages all deserving of “just another photo” that then equates to an evening of culling sorting and categorising. Not to mention time required to plan the next route as we move south taking into consideration the weather, bridges, power cables and the anchorage or port - given our size, mast height and the draft of our keel - it is never a given that we can go anywhere or fit in everywhere!

140728 4 Bud Marina Katherine

From Eidestranda we continue our move south to the seaside harbour of Bud. Once the biggest trading post between Bergen and Trondheim in the 16th and 17th Centuries the industry appears to be gone but the town retains its old inner harbour which is surrounded by beautifully kept residential houses. On the hillside looking out to the sea are the remains of Ergan Kysfort a German Fort built in 1941 and restored and maintained by local enthusiasts. 

140730 6 Alesund140801 4 Leaving Alesund  - Version 2

Tuesday 29th saw us arrive back in Alesund, though we had stopped here on the way north we felt it was a town not to be missed by Darb and Nell and with impending poor weather on its way it was a good harbour to shelter in. Despite the inclement weather we found enough sunshine to enjoy the walk up the 412 steps (several times), take in the view from Fjellstua, admire the Art Nouveau buildings, visit for the first time the Art Nouveau Museum, find a fisherman selling fresh Hallibut  and finally find a hairdresser (Frisor) that could fit us both in for a long overdue haircut!

140801 7 Peaceful anchorage Horningdal Storfjorden

On leaving Alesund we found a very peaceful anchorage overnight on the east side of Storfjord called Honningdal before motoring around 35 miles into Geiranger. A detour that was a definite highlight of the week and well worth the motor.

140802 14 In Geiranger Fjord water colour140802 31 In Geiranger Waterfall 8140803 14 Geiranger Fjord Waterfall Katherine

The Geirganger Fjord is listed in the UNESCO’s world heritage list and is apparently one of Norway’s most visited tourist destinations. We were fortunate on the day of our arrival there were no cruise ships in the fjord. As it was the small town centre seemed to be overflowing with tourists that had arrived by all forms of transport imaginable from push bikes, motorbikes, motorhomes cars and of course boat. Throughout Geiranger Fjord there are many magnificent waterfalls one of which flows down through the centre and which has a stair way that allows you to follow it up for a vista of both the waterfall and the fjord. It was a squeeze to get Katherine into the inner pontoon and took both a good skipper and coordinated team work to make our exit on the Sunday to look so easy to the many onlookers. 

On our motor back to the anchorage in Honningdal with so little traffic around and a break in the rain we took the opportunity to get the dingy out and take a few shots of Katherine in this very special place. Nice boat, nice scenery had to make for a nice photo one would hope. 

140804 12 Runde Walked bird cliffs beautiful views140805 6 Floro

Monday 4th August we pulled into the fishing port of Runde which despite the 117 miles we had travelled since leaving Alesund is actually only 10miles south in total! Runde is known as a bird lovers island with a colony of around 100000 Puffins on the bird cliffs during the breeding season. We braved the rain and headed off to walk to the bird cliffs and found a lot of mud, sheep and some spectacular scenery but the birdlife was somewhat limited. 

140809 5 The traditional farewell salute Darb and Nell

Pushing south we called into Floro and Fedje before arriving into Bergen on Friday the 8th. It is hard to be believe that Darb and Nell have been onboard Katherine for 8 weeks as the time has simply flown. From Trondheim to Rost in Lofoten then down the coast to Bergen we have shared some amazing ports and anchorages, seen a diversity of wildlife and landscapes beyond our expectations, been delighted by the unexpected sunshine, and had many a laugh. So on Saturday with a careful “dumping of bags on the dock” and a traditional salute it came time for them to depart and to continue on their own journey now in Spain. 

140809 16 Bergen Hanseatic League Buildings

For us we are sitting in Bergen awaiting the opportunity to move south to Stavanger from where we will make the jump across the North Sea to the UK. Weather at the moment with up to 80kn offshore at times is dictating it prudent to enjoy the Norwegian hospitality for just a little longer.

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain