050614 - Week 5 - We are underway and now in Norway 

22nd May - 4th June 

The Italians were in no hurry to return our furler motor to Haderslev so we hung around in Flensburg for a few extra days putting a few more miles on the bikes and the cake tours by Carina. 

140525 8 Ride day to Glucksburg Castle

Sunday 25th we rode out to Glukesburg Castle taking the scenic path along the coastline. The Castle surrounded by its own moat was built between 1582 and 1587. The significance of this castle is that it was once crowned The Cradle of Europes Royal Houses as four of the children from King Christian IX of Denmark went out and married into the ruling houses of Sweden, Great Britain, Russia and Germany. Of course the family tree now really shows how the family has stepped up in history with our own Mary of Australia (the only time Tasmania is included as part of the main land) part of this family tree with her marriage to Frederick. Since 1923 the castle has been operated by a foundation formed by the family members with the aim of preserving the castle both with furnishings and personal items from the past so that it remains a living piece of history. 

Monday 26th it was a motor back to Haderslev with the timing of the bridge of Sonderborg perfectly coordinator - a mere minute to wait before the bridge was opened and we were on our way. We were back in our familiar pen by 5pm that evening, but unfortunately still no part. 

140602 1 Another handy creation by Andrew

Thankfully there is always something to be done on the boat and Andrew dug deep into the depths of his wish list and spent the week in the workshop making things. Our new A3 arrived and with wind abating at 11pm one evening it was hoisted, furled stowed in a sail locker that is getting very full.

140531 5 Day trip to Arhus

Thursday being a public holiday in Haderslev we headed out for day driving to Arhus. The old town was very pretty but being a college town it reminded us a lot go Goteburg and for us did not have the same quaint feeling that we enjoy in Haderslev. The highlight of today was stopping by Bergers house to see his soon to be launched new bike - four years he has been working on the design and building of this beast - Im not sure what else a motorbike so beautifully designed but housing a ferrari engine can possibly be called. We look forward to the video of first ride which all being well should have been today - Denmark Day.

140601 1 Main sail going back on

Friday our boom was returned and refitted, Saturday with the assistance of the wind abating Andrew and I managed successfully to reinstate the main back in place leaving just the customs paperwork to be completed in Middlefart on the Monday.  By 3pm we were ready to throw the lines to the farewells from the Guernsey crew off Quiksilver, the US crew from ExtremeExperience and the wonderful staff of XYacht. We were finally on our way. 

140602 7 Sunset on anchor Faeno

We opted to anchor Monday night at Faero near Middlefart so that we could clean some of the souvenirs from the duck pond from our water line.Tuesday morning we were off with very light winds that continued for the next thirty hours - in the 285 miles we managed to sail some of the time given the winds were very light and for a while were making 11kn into a 12kn breeze, unfortunately it was short lived but at least the sea state was mild. We could have sailed the last few hours into Farsund Norway but by then we were on a mission just to make the miles and pushed on, motor sailing to keep the pace up and arrive for sundowners. (reality was there was still another 7 hours of sunlight)

140604 1 430am rounding top of Skargen and still traffic

The passage went well with George being a true saviour in the bitter cold night with drizzling rain - it is one thing to have to go back and check things every ten minutes it is another to have to stand out there and hand steer all night! So pleased to have George onboard and to know George Junior (a winter upgrade) is on standby should George ever decide to take a break at an inopportune time. 

Tomorrow we head for Stavanger (95nm) where we look forward to catching up with Lars and Kirsten from Oslo who just happen to be in town. Excellent timing. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain