Just a small taste of Greece before crossing to Albania. 

190814 11 Lights of Old Fortress Corfu

Our backdrop on anchor off the Old Fortress in Corfu 

190816 6 View of the new fortress and corfu from old fortress

We arrived into Corfu on a Wednesday evening blissfully unaware that the following day, Thursday 15th August was one of the biggest religious celebrations outside of Easter and Christmas for Greece. “The Dormition of the Virgin Mary” is a day of celebration in commemoration of the day that Mary was reunited with her son. It is marked as a public holiday and celebrated with the gathering of families, church services, music and feasting. 

For us it could have meant a long stay on the boat had we not been able to clear customs but to our relief and surprise, particularly for Andrew who was handling our side of the process, the customs office was operating and the whole process of checking in could not have gone more smoothly. 

190816 1 Old fortification Corfu

Our first tourist stop was the Old Fortress of Corfu that provided such a beautiful back drop for us anchored in the bay below. The Old Fortress was built in the early 15th Century with additions between 1545 to 1555 and later in the 1720s after a lightning strike led to a series of explosions within the ammunition facilities destroying most of the buildings inside the fortress. 

190816 9a St Georges Church Old FortressCOrfu

The walk to the top of the fortress rewarded us with a 360 degree view of Corfu, from the bay in which we were anchored across the old town to the New Fortress and harbour in which the cruise ships were literally stacked. 

Within the grounds of the fortress is Saint Georges Church, looking more like a  Roman remain than a church it was built in the 1840s to meet the needs of British Soldiers who were serving in a time of British Protection. The church became a Greek Orthodox church in 1865 and can hold up to 4000 worshippers - though for us we believe this could be a tight squeeze. 

A short distance from the fortress we found a restaurant where patrons were literally dining than diving. A reminder then made to ourselves from now on when ever walking the streets of Corfu to have handy our swimmers and a towel. 

190816 10 Looking at our lunch time restaurant from Old Fortress

The Moat and our lunch stop restaurant in the distance

190820 1a tandem boats one is for the helicopter

It is not uncommon in the Meditterrean to see super yachts with helicopters on deck. Here in Corfu we saw for the first time a Super yacht with its own helicopter landing boat that once landed enclosed the helicopter from the elements. 

Guess the owner of this boat has all their transport needs covered. 

190818 1 Katherine on anchor great holding turned out to be a pipe

Enjoying the solitude of anchoring off Ypsos

190819 3a Approaching the harbour of Ypsos

A couple of nights were spent on anchor a short distance from the town of Corfu. The water continues to be of an amazing clarity and in the heat of the day very much appreciated for cooling down.

Tuesday 20th August with paperwork to exit Corfu completed with the same ease as had been experienced on entering we headed off the short distance of 15 miles to Sarande Albania.
With no real idea what Albania was going to be like we were all keen to get our Albanian experience underway. 

Without a doubt since arriving we all agree we are so pleased we came. But that story is for next time. 

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190817 2 Leaving Corfu town (1)

Our view of Corfu as we headed for Albania

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain