And so begins our Sixth Year


Yacht Port Catagena 

This is the first time that Katherine has spent the winter in the water. We were thankful to Berend, Beate and Alex who were wintering in Cartagena marina onboard their boat Aroura for keeping a watchful eye on Katherine, whilst we made the most of our time back in Australia catching up with friends, family and the never ending list of jobs to be done. 



Since returning to Katherine on the 8th March Katherine has been a hive of activity and in a state of organised chaos as we waited for haul out. Andrew has been modifying the gas locker, shelves for cupboards, installing spice racks, redoing plumbing for our water tanks in the hope of finally eradicating the molluscs that so enjoy breeding constantly in the pipes and rearranging the garage. Old toys are off, the kayak being sold and new inflatable paddle boards have been brought onboard with the intention of  much use in the warmer waters of the med. 

For the last two days Katherine has been on the hard. We were once again impressed at how clean she came out of the water given it is a year since her last antifouling. Now with her bottom scrubbed, new antifouling applied, seacocks checked, we are back in our familiar pen in the marina.

The last of the hold up for us to leave is the never ending saga of the rollers for the dinghy. Now with template number three completed Andrew has once again engaged the services of a welder to manufacture. Surely this third company cannot disappear with his template as the last two have! We guess by Tuesday we will know. 

So as we wait for the last few items we thought it opportune to reflect on just how far we have come. It is very hard for us to believe that this is our sixth year onboard. Each time we return after heading back to Australia for the European winter we both agree that getting back onboard Katherine for us just feels like coming “home.” 

So over the last six years we have managed 18000nm. We have covered just about every coastline of Northern Europe, been to some amazing out of the way places such as St Kilda, Orkneys, Outer Hebrides and Lofoten, crossed to the Caribbean and finally made it into the Mediterranean which had been our goal to achieve in 2012. 

2012-16 Europe

Where have we been, the coloured lines show our sailing routes.

2012-3 Caribean

The routes in white were when Katherine was transported - 2012 to get us to Gibraltar after spending the summer season cruising the Baltic and from the Caribbean back to England so we could make the most of the sailing season going up the Irish Sea. 

We are excited to be cruising new grounds and time will tell how we find the more travelled areas of France, Corsica, Sicily and Italy. We are guessing though the food, wine, history and scenery will far outway any inconvenience of crowded bays and lots of people. 

Its time to go sailing. 

For a few photos of the family time back home and the whats been happening onboard click here.

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain