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2019 - Heading East

2018 - Cruising the Spanish Coastline

2017 - Cruising into the Med

2016 Heading South to warmer waters

2015 Season 5 - The Plan - Our last tour of Northern Europe

2014 Season 4 - To Lofiten Norway and then….

While Katherine is in Winter Storage…we are….

2013 The Third Season - Cruising The Irish Sea to The Baltic Sea

2012/2013 The Second Season - Moving on from The Baltic to the Caribbean

2012 The First Season - The Baltic - Denmark to Russia and Return

26th March to July 7th 2012

Our first season onboard Katherine saw us sail approximately 2500 miles from Haderslev in Denmark, South to Bornholm, then North to Aland, back to Sweden before moving East to St Petersburg Russia than sailing back South dropping in on Helsinki in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia before finally making our way back to where it all began in Haderslev Denmark.

What a journey with the bonus of treasured friends onboard and daily challenges of a new boat, new port and oh yes a new language. It was undoubtedly one of the best trips to date that we have done, definitely the coldest, and hopefully it has set the bench mark for travels to come on board Katherine. 

We hope you enjoyed our blog as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

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